Friday, October 21, 2005

Old man bony bottom

I went to Saint Raymond's for lunch last Wednesday with my assistant Jen O'Hare. She works with me at the Royale and at the Panda Athletic Club. She is very very helpful. She wanted to go get some good Lebanese food and I haven't been in a while. I wanted to go visit my friend Reuben who volunteers, but he wasn't there.

We had a tasty lunch of spinach and wheat, grape leaf rolls, kibbi, spinach pie, stuffed squash and more. We rolled out of there and over to Jen's car and as I was about to sit in the car I saw this old man across the parking lot standing in the doorway to his van waving at me. The van was white and worn in personalized in the old man way. The senior was hunched over with one leg on the step to get in. He had his hand waving at me to come over.

I sighed. I really had to get back and I didn't want to get in the middle of whatever he wanted. But I walked across the lot to see what he wanted.

"Help me to get in."

"Uh, okay. How about I grab your shoulders?"

I look at him. He was wearing old dickie work pants, a mesh hat and a large windbreaker. He was a small Lebanese man. His van was very much of a old man van. He seemed pleasant enough, but it was just such an unusual situation.

So I get ready to grab his shoulders and he turns to me.

"No, I need help here."

He points to his right buttock. His right leg was up on the step.

I am momentarily reluctant. This is just a weird situation, but it is not going to kill me either.

I put my hand on his bottom and heave him up. Joy is brought to his face.

"What is your name?"

"Steve Smith."

"I am going to tell the Bishop what a good man you are."

"Uh, okay. Take care."

I get back to the car. Jen is laughing her ass off. Some people we were talking to inside the Cedars were also laughing. I am sure from a third party perspective it was rather amusing. I then started to laugh. It was pretty amusing.


I am just about to head out of Toledo. I just visited my grandmother. My father's mother. She likes scotch. We went out to dinner last night and I visited with my uncles and cousin. They are doing well. There was a race riot just a few days earlier in town. Nasty. No one was killed, but there were a lot of injuries. Neo-nazis were involved.

The Toledo Blade is a heck of a paper, especially considering it is such a small town. Very news oriented and well rounded.


Anonymous matty fred said...

I've found that the Toledo Blade's investigative reporting often puts larger papers' efforts (or lack thereof) to shame.

4:46 PM  

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