Thursday, October 20, 2005

On the lam

I am in Ohio right now. I just got off a plane and picked up a car. I am going to visit my grandmother in Toledo and then head back and should be back in the STL by Friday eve. I have eaten two bananas, an apple, peanuts and an apple danish today. After I picked up the car I stopped at a real taco stand set up in the gas station and had a taco and quesadilla. It was outstanding. I need to remember to eat properly and to get enough sleep. I have been cheating too often. I have had the feeling that I may pass out on more than once in the past few weeks. Waking up to deliveries and phone calls and falling asleep working on the computer. I wouldn't have it any other way. It is great.

On another note, Boondocks is going live action animation. Maybe someday I will see it live on ice.

And on yet another note the nation of Brazil is considering outlawing guns on a national referendum. Brazil is in a particularly interesting situation. They suffer from 40,000 gun related deaths a year, nearly four times the number in the US, and they have over a third less people than the US. I am curious what will happen if they get this ban through. It will be an interesting thing to watch from a third party perspective.


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