Saturday, October 22, 2005

Why we are losing the war

Frontline has an absolutely amazing piece on torture in our war. It is really straight. This is the kind of thing that we will look back to in thirty years, fifty years and longer and see what we were doing as a country, as a people.

I am taking a break. I am over at Custom Auto Care, the place where I get my car washed on Grand and Chippewa. I reinstalled wireless internets and watched this online. I caught part of it earlier this week.

John McCain is really an amazing man. I don't know why he is so rare in his party these days. He is really doing something interesting with his push for the anti torture bill. It is sad that we have to pass a law to put our government in check in terms of torture and upholding the Geneva Peace Accords- agreements that Nazis even generally honored with Americans. Unfortunately while it is the right thing to do, it is too late to pass anti torture laws to make the difference in this war.

The home video the soldiers made not with the prisoners are also disturbing. It is telling of what was going on. The methods and the change the was pushed from the top down on this "new way" policy of working against the Geneva Peace Accord. It is interesting that it was initially resisted by the military authorities.

It is nice to take a break. I need to get some food.


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