Thursday, November 17, 2005

Catholicism, Republicans and politics

There were some interesting elections last week. I think the Democratic party would be well served in observing and learning how to retool the strategy to combat the "moral superiority" touted by the Republican party. I think part of it is tempering the anti-religious extremism which is often condoned by many in the party. I still get steamed when I think of how some guy just treated me like crap when he saw my scapular at a Dean meetup. It helped me understand the motivation of violent response to religious/sectarian persecution/discrimation.

Commonweal magazine had a very interesting academic and statistical piece on the development of current day Republican party politics and the targeting of religious voters. It breaks it down to the blue/red state internal politics.

I just think of what an amazing job Clinton did in terms of this balance, but few in the party recognizes this importance and relevance. He was flawed, that is for sure, but he knew his sh*t.


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great article. thanks.

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