Sunday, November 20, 2005

sold my house and notes

I sold my house, the Macklind Estate yesterday. Yay. It took me a little extra while. The market is softening up. Fred Hessel really did an amazing job getting it sold though. He went several extra steps to ensure a proper closing.

I sold the house to a Vietnamese family. I briefly met the guy hours before my closing. I was putting the final touches so I would pass the FHA inspection. This time it was the interior handle on a window. I was also told I needed to remove my Saint Francis and Virgin Mary from my lawn because the new owners "were not Catholics". Funny.

The father spoke no English and I had to speak to him through his daughter who appeared to be about nine or ten years old. I was trying to communicate to him how the furnace was working properly. I remember when I was a kid my family helped a Vietnamese boat family when we lived in Chicago. I wasn't exactly sure what was happening, but I do remember these people had nothing, but they had their families. I heard stories of how they braved the seas trying to avoid pirates and hold together. It sounded awful. They would cover the women with human waste so they would not be taken by the pirates. My mother would help them get bank accounts, social security numbers, enroll in school and figure out the system. We would eat over at their house. I remember the smell. It smelled way different than the house of all the other kids. The family of uncles, aunts, grandparents and kids were all crammed into an apartment by the park and then they moved closer over to the El. They are now all engineers, doctors and productive residents of the USA. It is sad to see how they were driven out of their homeland by the communists and victimized by so many, but I am glad to see they were able to come to the US and pursue the American Dream. My mother stays somewhat in touch with them. We are lucky people want to come to our country to pursue their dreams. We should continue being that country.


I am getting the wood floors refinished at the Royale. They have been taking a beating all summer and I need to get them in shape for the assault this winter. Thurman Stubblefield has been doing a great job getting it done. The whole place has dust and I am now going to clean up tomorrow morning.


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