Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Street Report

In the fight game:

So I got a new coach at the Gym. His name is Jasper. He is a really cool cat. A good friend Justin introduced me to him. He goes way back to the early 70s from law school at SLU. He has been living in Maryland near DC since he graduated. He has been working with kids and boxing for decades. He knows more about boxing than all of us combined at the Panda. I saw him work with the kids and it has been rather impressive. I hope it works out.

And on the scene:

Also- Blake has been hanging out at the Royale. Yes, that Blake.

It has been quite the hangout for all the industry types. It was ridiculous tonight. There are about a half dozen restaurant owners here tonight. Busy business. Business is going well. It has been actually pretty good not having a 3am, for we get a nice pop starting all the way from happy hour, dinner, healthy after dinner drinks and then usually it tapers down after midnight making for a calm close.

Anyway, Blake had a heart attack last week. Uh... He was laid up in the hospital for five days. And for some reason he apologized for not coming in sooner. Uh.... Okay. Uhhhh... What? Whats that? I feel like I should be taking it easy just by hearing about this.


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