Saturday, November 19, 2005

Tension Head opening on Cherokee

My good friend Sheri Ford just opened up a record store, Tension Head, on Cherokee Street, just a half block west of Jefferson. The grand opening was today. We catered the food. It is quite exciting. She is pursuing her dream. They got an interesting selection of music and shirts. Sheri had quite a task opening her place. She stopped down at the Royale about a month ago in tears. She had been trying so hard, so hard to get her place open. She was running into roadblock after roadblock. She was bordering on the financial edge. I gave her some encouragement. She did manage to get it open and things seemed to be going well.

It was quite a nice day. I walked up and down Cherokee. There are a lot of chewed up store fronts. You can still see the former splendor with the custom made tile work in the entrances for many of the old stores. Jewelry stores. Shoe stores. Clock stores. So much potential it is just teeming. There is still a lot of sh*t going on. I talk to people. I see things. There are still plenty of gang bangers pulling deals. I talked to Sheri. There was some meth rolling down by my favorite taqueria. There are still the occasional hookers. That seems to have moved up to Pestalozzi. Oh, but the ghetto barriers will stop all of this!


Anonymous Sheri said...

I was so happy that you got to visit the store! Thanks for helping me get through a tough time.
I LOVE Cherokee Street. It reminds me so much of Delmar about 20 years ago.

9:33 PM  

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