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Funny how the church will excommunicate the board of Saint Stanislaus, yet they do not excommunicate the priests who abuse and molest our kids. They just moved them around for years, parish to parish, and now ask for forgiveness and figure that is enough. But refusing to pay tribute to the archdiocese is worthy of being kicked out. That is wrong.

As a Catholic, I find the Church's actions against Saint Stans and lack of action responding to the abuse inexcuseable. I would like to ask for forgiveness on behalf of the church. Not all Catholics support the church's actions. I condemn the church for these sins. This is awful, and I am not proud of what the Church is doing at all. It is more than an embarassment. It is reprehensible.


Anonymous crime scene tape said...

Yup. The way I see it, no church official with a mitre on his dome has any moral authority. They all covered up for child molesters and rapists. All bishops and cardinals should be in prison, followed by a long season in hell, for allowing the church's children to suffer.

One thing follows the other. Because Rigali and his predecessors didn't confront these scandals head on, Archbishop Ray-Ray, who also covered up for abusive priests in his native Wisconsin, needs St. Stan's grip to pay off the church's victims. Fucking sickening!

Anyhow, Ray-Ray can kiss my ass! I'll be taking Holy Communion at St. Stan's Christmas midnight mass. Covering for rapists and dictating that Catholics vote for war criminals is the true mortal sin!

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Blogger Diabetoboy said...

I excommunicated myself from the church because I was tired of grade school back rubs by priests and coming in contact with so many forgiven pedophiles through my religion.

I give more detail here:

The Catholic Church is as flawed as our government right now. I can easily stay out of one, but I'd rather not leave the country to get away from the latter.

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Blogger Amy Whited said...

Yes, as I Catholic, I am tired of constantly defending my religion for errors of the past. I understand that perhaps it isn't fair for St. Stans to be run differently than the other parishes. However, because the other Archbishops through the years let them operate independently, AB Burke came in and made immediately changes and demands that at the very least, disreguarded the history of this community, as well as St. Louis in general. I do not believe God excommunicates.

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Blogger Maire said...


I think you are right on as far as the "weight" of the cannonical sinfulness. However, we must note that the 1983 Code deals with ecclesial issues and not moral issues. Moral issues are dealt with through encyclicals, letters, papal bulls, instructions, etc. So that being said, excommunication per se does not reflect "cannonically" the moral issues. Therefore, the ecclesial canonical norms stated in the 1983 code do not neccessarilly equate with morally illicit activities so to place molestation/rape/incest at the same level (theologically) as schism doesn't work even though they would seem equatable. I'm sure that is hard to swallow.

Schism(which is how Burke is defining the issue of St. Stan's) is quite explicit in the 1983 Code. Schism is the withdrawal of submission to the Supreme Pontiff or from communion with the members of the Church subject to him (no.751).

Amy, fyi, if you make the claim to be Catholic (which is a faith tradition, not a religion), then yes, you're right, God does not excommunicate, the Church in God's name excommunicates because one is out of communion with the larger community. Just be cautious how you understand and utilize those terms.

This is a hard discussion. I myself struggle to understand. I am a masters in systematic theology student and serve on the library board for the Polish Heritage Center. Oooh a fine line! May the AB have mercy on my dissident soul.



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