Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A few notes

So these are some notes that were recently posted in my residence. Peter AKA Shit in the Face wrote the two notes signed Shit in the Face. He does painting for me. He was just putting up a friendly note so we wouldn't track in any paint. Notice the bottom note. On the top of the Shit in the face to do list is brush teeth. I did not write that final note, Helen did.

I told Peter he has to brush his teeth before clocking in. He told me he brushes his teeth about once a week. That is so gross. He brushes his teeth now. He has been going to the gym with me pretty much every week too. He still has plenty to do though, but the kid is a hard worker and pretty damn funny too.

Pete is smart. His handwriting is a punk rock font too. Now if he only took school more seriously. Or even slightly seriously. I know it is not that hard for him, but well, it is far more complicated that it needs to be. I won't let him smoke in my presence or in public view. I don't think there is any way I can get him to stop such a silly, useless, expensive and nasty habit, but I can clamp down on his smoking around me or the places I control. He is still so damn funny and very candid. And such a punk. He has done a great job of painting my steps.

I got some pix of his older brother Joe's trip to Mexico. I need to get my scanner working again.


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hey that's me!!!!


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