Thursday, December 15, 2005

The mind of a kid

I still think like a kid. I am sure it drives the old ladies crazy.

As a kid I didn't have the same concept of property as adults. I still don't. I would cut through backyards, jump fences and run down gangways with impunity. Front yards might as well be an open field. We would run up and down and old ladies would yell at us. I am sure I was not the first, nor was I the last kid to behave in such a way. I am sure I was not the last kid to be yelled at by an old lady either.

The alleys are the best. As a kid where I lived in Chicago, the kids ruled the alleys. Cars had to stop for us. We could hide behind trash cans. We could race our bikes. We could knock trash cans over. We would peer into garages and make plans. We would look suspiciously at kids from the other blocks. I can still remember mom ring the bell to call us in for dinner.

I can feel the real guts of the people in the alley. Beautiful gardens. Kids toys. Barking dogs. Trash. The smell of BBQ. Men working on cars. Kids playing ball. Old fridges. Bikes. Big wheels. The kids rule this area. I still prefer to walk down the alley.

Not all the old ladies would yell at us. I remember Mrs. Jackson. She lived next door right on Division. She was so cool. Her house smelled like old people. She didn't like it when we ran through her gangway, but she would always talk to us. Very nice. She made us sandwiches. We tried to not run through her gangway screaming. But sometimes we forgot. We were kids. She was still always cool to us.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

next time ya in some old ladies back yard, she ougtta pop a cap in ya ass

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