Thursday, December 15, 2005

RIP Thurman Community Cafe

I had been hearing rumblings that the Thurman, an offspring of the Hartford Coffee Company, was going to close. It is official. It is dead. It had just opened in what seems just a short time ago. The Hartford is still booming, but the Thurman just died.

The Thurman was located in Shaw, a closed community just on the north side of Tower Grove Park. There could be discussions of theories that could go for hours, even days , on why it died. So I will throw in my two cents.

I have never considered opening a business in Shaw. Shaw is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Saint Louis. It is so obvious. I lived there when I was 18 for a couple of years on the 4200 block of Cleveland. This was the most beautiful home I had ever lived in. My mother was wildly jealous of this house I rented.

But all of the commercial districts in Shaw have been choked off. There is no natural flow of traffic. The streets are all closed off. There are no public houses in the entire neighborhood. The traffic is not conducive to commercial business. The blocked off streets are at least prettier than the ghetto barriers of cut up sewer pipe they have been putting in all over the southside last summer. But they have the same effect. They choke neighborhoods of natural traffic flow.

It is more complex than this, but this traffic policy is so very much overlooked.


Blogger Joe said...

Most of the east-west streets in Shaw are closed at both the Tower Grove end and a half-block west of Grand, roughly. I agree this is a problem, but I suspect that any changes would be opposed by most residents. After all, most of these are full cul-de-sacs, that would cost time and money to remove. They've been there nearly 25 years, I think.

I hate to say it, but it may not make sense for biz to be located on Thurman at all. Perhaps everything should be concentrated on 39th Street, which was the main business corridor in that area in the old days. Today, there are only a few shops left there.

I sure someone will disagree with my analysis, however.

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