Friday, January 20, 2006

Free Drinks for Jesuits

I hereby declare the all Jesuits get one free drink upon visiting the Royale. I had two Jebbies in here tonight. Young guys. Brian Christopher, and SJ from Saint Matthews on North Grand and another, I think his name is James, he is studying Philosophy at SLU. Christopher works on a leadership program out of Saint Matt. He works with the kids that have nowhere else to go. Kids about the same age as the ones I work with. We talked a while about our programs.

Anyway, they told me of Father Greg Boyle. He is going to be speaking this Sunday the 22nd at College Church at 7:30. He sounds like an interesting cat. Sort of a Hoodlum Priest of LA. He works with kids who are in gangs or at risk.

So in honor of the fine work the Jesuits do, I hereby decree one free drink to any Jesuit that shows his collar in my joint. I may regret this, for I know how much they can drink. I used to work in the Jes Res. I wouldn't doubt that I may have to bounce one out a time or two either.


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