Thursday, January 12, 2006

Good stuff x 2

I have been listening to a new show on KDHX Reality Now hosted by the publisher of the SJR, Ed Bishop. He has had some very interesting topics and guests. He interviewed Ellen Soeteber a couple of months ago before she left. Very interesting. Very different interview than the one on KWMU's Saint Louis on the Air. Bishop also had a great interview of Joe Strupp, the publisher of Editor and Publisher. The sale of the Pulitzer/Post was big news nationally last year. He deconstructs just what it means to the STL, and as it seemed this new media strategy with a lot of absentee ownership is not all that great. He puts it in straight academic terms. Great pickup for KDHX.

Also- Bill McClellan wrote a great piece yesterday. Pretty funny. He manages to put one out every once in a while.


Anonymous Tony said...

That Bill McClellan article was great. Had to cut it out and send it to my grandmother. She loves stories like that.

6:57 PM  

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