Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Links n' such

One site/blog and one blog/blog to check out.

52nd City
has become quite the nice update on the pulse. The attention to detail is nearly excruciating, yet I want more. It is a consortium of writers and roustabouts with a collection of monthly written and visual pieces. And the blog, the blog with the whimsical and pertinent detail.

And the other highly amusing blog by an old friend/roommate Patrick Landewe. He is now running a lighthouse/bed n' breakfast in upstate NY. He has started a blog he calls the Keeper's Handbook. I figure we can monitor the blog to see if there will be a Shining this winter if he starts blogging All work and no play makes Jack a dullboy.


Blogger keeper said...

Thanks for the review of the Keeper's Logbook. Wednesday's Logbook entry is for you.

9:58 AM  

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