Saturday, January 14, 2006


I love talking to bar and restaurant guys who have been in the business for over 15 years. I just went up to Gino's Lounge and hung out with the owner who also spins records up there. They always love seeing new people in the business. His place is very much a distinct place. It is great to see the owner and their direct impact upon the joint. Gino has been up there for over thirty years, in "Downtown Pine Lawn" as he says over the mic in the encassed DJ booth that looks more like a couner at a pawn shop or post office, but with a lot of stickers and pictures on it. It is great stuff. He used to spin records for a couple of different radio stations in town. In fact he gave me a great mixed cd. Gino spins old soul, old dance music from motown to disco and even new hip hop. He mixes it with such beautiful flow. Bob Reuter is the same way. He spun at the Royale last night.

Gino announced my presence to just about everyone who walked into the place, so to about a half dozen people.

Funny, I saw Lee Whitfield's father at Gino's. Lee, a friend from way way back, had put in two successive nightly shifts at the Royale. Lee's father, Al, had heard a lot about the Royale and myself. I took care of Lee the other night. His dad is really cool. Very cool. So is Lee. Funny how you can be across town and see people you know.

I have learned quite a bit from these guys. I also talk to owners of Red Bones Den, the Iowa Buffet, 34 Club and even J's Hideout. I am particularly drawn to the guys who have been in business for often longer than I have been alive. I also very much talk to owners of more contemporary places too, ones that are successful and doing good things-the usual suspects-Cowboy, Kitchen K, Way Out, Famous, Bastante, Frederick's, CBs, Tanner Bs, Hammerstones, Upstairs, Mang etc. It is good to experience it all.

Gino told me he plans on coming down with his crew on Tuesday night. I am honored. Should be fun. I am glad that Mark Early is spinning. He is the best.


Anonymous Mark Early said...

Wow! Thanks Steve.

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