Saturday, February 18, 2006

Notes of evil from around the world

W has expressed need to expand NATOs role in peacekeeping in Sudan. Wow. I hope that this is followed up. This is unexpected good news. This could be very redeeming, but there is a proven caveat for there has been talk for a long time about really atacking the problem in Sudan, a nation that is sponsoring/condoning genocide of its own people, black African Christians from Darfur. We have threatened oil sanctions before, odd that we only threatened this considering Sudan was designated as a sponsor of international terror back in 93. Oh, it is sordid for certain, but France of course is not backing sanctions on Sudan. France still manages to come out worse than the US in the world approach on Africa.

And of China, our most preferred trader is cementing a trade deal with Iran, a card carrying member of the trio of evil. The Iranian/Chinese trade has multiplied by eight in the past eight years. The oppressive anti-democratic Communist nation and Theocratic Dictatorship sponsor of terror ramped up their trade agreements in anticipation of oil instability due to potential sanctions of Sudan. According to the Washington Post: "China's largest energy firm, China National Petroleum Corp., is the largest investor in a government-led oil consortium. China is the largest buyer of Sudan's oil, as well as the number-one supplier of arms to Sudan."

And China threatens to veto sanctions on Sudan; the African nation that has been designated as a sponsor of terrorism not unlike Afganistan had been designated a haven for terrorists with ties to Osama bin Laden. Funny how that works. Nevermind that China- a democracy repressing communist state invited the other half of evil, Kim Jong Il, the dangerous nutjob in chief of N Korea, to visit China just a while ago. Not unlike our President's visit. Who is the most powerful country in the world? Who is fighting for democracy and freedom around the world? Are we really fighting a war on terror? Shouldn't we include China and Sudan in the Axis of Evil?

So Google and Yahoo sold out an are installing censored search engines in China. They are afraid of losing out. This is awful. Google is defying the corporate creed of "Don't Be Evil." They repress democracy speech in China. They shut down bloggers, news reports and messages. We should really sabotage this effort to shut down democracy in China. We should remove the Communist state filters that redirect questioins about democracy and restrictions on speech on private websites. We should not reveal bloggers identities because the Communist Party feels they are a threat because the bloggers espouse democracy. We should really step in and let the freedom of speech happen. It should be illegal for US companies to partner outside the US in anti democratic business practices and work with state sponsored censorship. We have US severe sanctions on Iran, North Korea and in this evil duo we would never allow US companies to work with the repressive regimes in these countries, especially in concern to furthering censorship and repressing democratic speech.

We fought for decades in the cold war to eliminate the evils of communism. We fought the second WW to eliminate the evils of oppressive fascist dictators around the globe. Both communists and fascists would restrict and punish those who opposed the state and spoke of democratic reform. It looks like we have lost this fight in many ways to the communists in Asia and in other ways to the fascists in Africa and the Middle East. We are letting others become what we have fought against and now we are slowly becoming what we have fought against. We are restricting our own speech. We are jailing our own journalists. We are listening in to our people's private speech. We are becoming a less open society, a less open government and a more invasive state instead of leading the new world order toward more peace, more freedom, more stability and more security. We have more war, less freedom, less stability -both politically and economically-, less secure and still not prepared for disaster either by attack or natural causes.

If you get a chance- get a copy of the following movie Seoul Train. It is about the Chinese participation in the persecution of North Korean people. It is a sad story about a family trying to flee the North Korean Government and how the Chinese tried to send them back as they tried to get sanctuary at the Japanese embassy in China. It is really a sad scene.


Blogger Mike said...

What Google is doing in China is deplorable. I'm not a fan of big business (I'm just not a trusting person) but big government scares me a whole lot more. At least big business is accountable to shareholders, the govt isn't accountable to anyone. But when you combine the misdeeds of both, you have a scary scenario.

Seems to be it's a foolish move on Googles part, it couldn't be good for PR. Somehow, the media has been subdued on this issue. I know they hate big business, so I thought they would be in an uproar over this situation.

Maybe it's because they routinely give China a pass. The media is forgiving towards communism, always has been (look how they glorify Castro and how they defended Alger Hiss). The media turns a blind out towards the starving North Korean people and the persecution of Christians in China, so I'm not surprised by their current actions or lack thereof.

I don't agree about the US becoming what we've been fighting. Judith Miller is about the only prominent journalist I've heard being jailed. Compare the attack on civil liberties by Bush with other wartime presidents like FDR, Wilson and Lincoln.

For all his glorification, Lincoln wouldn't allow any criticism. If you wrote against the Civil War, your newspaper would be shut down, you'd be tossed in jail, and some people were even thrown out of the country for committing this "crime."

It was Woodrow Wilson that declared "if there should be disloyalty, it will be dealt with, with a firm hand of stern repression." And don't forget about FDRs Japanese relocation camps. Why that was acceptable is beyond me.

What I'm getting at is the actions by the Bush team are not unprecedented and they're certainly not new. Clinton routinely wiretapped political enemies like Strom Thurmond (not enemies of the country) and LBJ was known for wiretapping his own White House. MLK was also a victim of wiretapping throughtout his brave march towards civil rights (I find these tappings criminal). Find out more about civil liberties and war at

I'm sure someone has examples of people that had their civil liberties violated by the Bush team. I don't defend Bush, Cheney, Rummy, any of them, in these scenarios. But people make it sound like nobody was ever wiretapped or nobody had their civil liberties trampled upon until Bush stepped into office. It simply isn't accurate.

My basic problem with the federal government is that it's too damned big. Too much money is floating around Washington (that's why lobbyists rule the day) and the govt has forgotten it's role; to serve and protect. They failed us on both Twin Tower attacks and along with the state of Louisiana, failed on Hurricane Katrina. The govt not only can't defend it's own people but, along with the UN, it can't stop genocide in places like Rwanda, Cambodia and Sudan. If the gov't can't do it's main job, to serve and protect, I certainly don't want them expanding into areas like business, education and health care.

Anyway, enough of my midnight ramblings, I hope more people join the fun.

1:04 AM  
Anonymous clara said...

you sure do use the word evil pretty freely...are you some rightwinged nut?

8:28 PM  
Blogger Steven Fitzpatrick Smith said...

Well there ain't much good to say about the Axis... well I guess the trains ran on time in Italy.

9:10 PM  

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