Sunday, February 05, 2006

Old reviews

I used to do reviews for Sauce back in the day. I started with them when they were only and online mag. I was reading over a few recently. I found this one particularly interesting. I reviewed a bar called Sweet Ps over in Bevo about six years ago. It doesn't really seem that long ago. It was in interesting situation. All this talk of immigrants reminded me of this review. It was such a weird situation. I was there with Catherine Kustelski, J Victor Moore and maybe Landewe and maybe Crone. I can't fully remember who exactly. I remember the rep of Sweet Ps. I think it is still operated by the same crew. I know there were some rough ones that ran in the place and there was a breakdown. Things got exacerbated. I still remember just how calm and cool the bartender was and how over involved I got.


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