Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Redbones in the House

Here is a picture of me with Redbones and his special lady Diane. They came down to visit the Royale last night.

He bought the house a round. What a class act. She is very cool. She said she could tell I was a good Irish Catholic by the way I presented myself. She works at an architecture firm. They have a great relationship. His joint is up on Kossuth and Vandaventer on the northside of Fairgrounds Park. It is a very cool place. He has been in business before I was even born. He opened the place in 1972. He has seen a lot. They really liked the place. They said I have a great crowd. We talked about the business quite a bit. He gave me quite a bit of advice. He has a great attitude. He was younger than me when he opened and he had a lot of support from his friends and family. It was lean when he opened. He had three dollars in his pocket on opening night. He had to get people in the bar to help him make change. He told me he was a sharecropper from the south, and at this point in his life "it is all good".
The same night a crew came in called the "Fuckin' Bike Club." They meet up at the Hi Pointe on their bikes and then they go bar hopping on their bikes. It looks like a lot of fun. There were about thirty or so in the crew. They used my bike rack for real. They were a fun and lively crew. I should join them sometime.
Toby Hicks spun records last night. It was interesting because he knows Redbones from when he was a kid. His father used to own a bottle shop around the corner from Redbone's Den. Toby is one of the few DJs that spins entirely on his laptop. Last night he was pumping out the jams. Good stuff. The crowd was loving it all for they had their free drink and great music.


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