Friday, February 24, 2006

Spicer's closes this weekend

Boo! The Spicer's 5&10 is closing on Sunday. The one over in Ladue.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's because their stuff cost more than a nickel or a dime.

12:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And some of the stuff is made overseas. Boo!

2:32 PM  
Anonymous Elizabeth McNulty said...


Thanks, Steve, for posting this notice. After 59 years, the McNulty family business Spicers 5&10 is closing so that my dad can retire and my sisters can move on with their lives.

It was a true family business, employing my mom, dad, sisters, two uncles, even my grandma. I worked there weekends and summers through high school.

Single-store family businesses can't obtain the deep discounts Walmart and the big boxes strong-arm from vendors. So we had to try to make up for it with variety of goods (a novelty in a world with fewer and fewer manufacturers) and service. Holiday dinners were often delayed while my father rushed to install a jungle gym for some well-to-do kid's Christmas surprise. Customers were always telling us that Spicer's was the ONLY place to find X (insert your oddball item here).

I remember bagging purchases for the cashier when I was so little I could barely see over the counter (the same counters they use today). My sisters and I would sometimes do homework back in the stockroom or eat lunch on the roof or ride the hanging freight basket down from the second floor. As an infant, I was once placed in an oversized Christmas stocking in the front window as a display.

Before the blue laws were rescinded, Sundays were a special treat in the closed store: we used to rollerskate in the customerless aisles, eat candy, and play video games while my dad did paperwork in the office.

This Sunday, February 26, is the last day, so if you have any fond memories of Spicer's, stop by 8859 Ladue Rd in Ladue Crossing Shopping Center at 170 and share them with us.

4:16 PM  

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