Friday, March 31, 2006

Busted now fixed

So there is something screwy with the blog. I think I just fixed it. But in general if you are viewing through Internet Explorer, try firefox. Firefox is way better.

So until then, these are links to the last couple of posts:
Also- I will post about this later, but we are in competition for some grant funding at Washington University. We have been going through a selection process for a while now. It went from 70 to 14 and now down to two. We went in yesterday and I gave a two minute elevator pitch in front of a board of about 25 or so people. I was very nervous. I don't know if I have ever been that nervous before. My hands were shaking. It was unlike me. Even in rough end of my business I don't get that. It wasn't a bad feeling, I was just nervous. Everything we have worked on was going to be focused on two minutes of what I had to say. In or out.

We got in to the finalist category. We are down to the final two for the Youth Bridge Program. It is a rather elaborate deal that I will go into later. This could possibly mean some very great things for the Panda AC youth program. With the addition of Winston "Buddy" Shaw and pending grant start up funding, this could be a really great way to give more positive pathways to opportunity to a lot of at risk kids. The program we have is working, and it is really great to see it working. We are able to give these kids credible options. The mentors from Wash U have been stepping up. We have just started a new partnership with Claver Works which is helping in job training/placement, skill training and financial education. In fact, I just hired another kid, Little Sam. He helps us set up the house for the night. Everyone at the Royale loves him. He is a real go getter. I just hope we can get the foundation for the Panda so we are no longer month to month.

After being announced as a finalist, I had to give the pitch again to an entire auditorium. That was much easier. No more shaking. Funny how that works.


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