Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Saint Matt's Fish

Friday is for fish
why must you be so tasty
well fed Jesuits

The Fish is popular this year. Crowds were heavy for opening Friday at Saint Joan of Arc.

This week we travel to the Ville to Saint Matthew's Church on 2715 North Sarah, between MLK and Natural Bridge in Ville. This is a mighty fine Church that does a lot of work in the neighborhood.

Many people arrive early and others tend to go late. Either way most of the crew gets there after 5. I know not of the menu, but I would gather to say that fish and mac'n cheese is likely to be on the menu. I certainly hope there is something to quench the thirst of my grandmother. I don't know if Cush will make it down, but she certainly complains when you can't get a real drink with your meal. I hope she does come, she would love the company.

Keep on fish'n,



Blogger Allison said...

Steve, I greatly appreciate that you caught the haiku bug. This makes me proud. -A.T.

1:14 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

Enjoy hot fried fish
at Saint Stephen Protomartyr
Fridays 4 to 7


1:36 PM  

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