Sunday, March 26, 2006

Splenda is the new methadone

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Lent is not easy. We all have our coping mechanisms. Better off with the unknown risks of sucralose than the proven negative effect of sugar. And my sweet love of sugar. Why must you make it so difficult to live without you?


Blogger Diabetoboy said...

I'm not sure what kind of sugar you are avoiding, but replacing some things was easy for me once my Diabetes was diagnosed. For instance, sugary beverages were an addiction of mine, but I weaned off them within a week. Now if I taste one, I feel a syrupy film on my teeth that feels pretty gross.

In terms of Diabetes being the negative effect of sugar, let me make one clarification. There are two types of Diabetes. Type 1, or juvenile Diabetes (insulin-dependent), which I have, has many theories to its cause, including overeating of sugars, drinking cow's milk too early as a child, or just simply bad genes. Ten years ago, they only pointed to the genes, but in this age of the Fast Food Nation, more theories involving bad diet are coming about. Type 2 Diabetes, usually occurs in people over 30 because of poor diet and nutrition. The nice part is that it can usually be contained with pills and shots involved. Even that is being revised though, because younger teens and kids are getting Type 2 from being unhealthy and overweight.

Either way, I think this country is addicted to the bad stuff and we could all stand to avoid it. Splenda seems to be the safest alternative at this point, but that may be because it is so new and there isn't much research on it. It is being used in almost every diet food now though, so we may not have a choice.

And the obvious negative effect of sugar is obesity, and no one wants to be fat like me.

11:57 AM  
Blogger 48er said...

You're a pussy, Skillet!

NO MEAT-NO BEER FOR 4O DAYS! Try that, Nancy.

See you Friday, Girleen.


10:13 PM  

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