Monday, April 24, 2006

Payday is coming

Friday is payday. I have to figure out what bank I am going to take Sam to. I heard that US Bank has a checking account he can cash his check against, but I am not sure that is the best account for him. I would prefer that he able to deposit and withdrawl instead of getting cash. People tell me of some of the smaller banks that can do it, but I need a bank with multiple locations downtown, north side, west end and southside. Pulaski doesn't have a northside/west end location nor does Southwest. The kids should be able to walk or ride their bike to the bank. If not, the bank does not become useful, and a check cashing joint becomes necessary. I guess I need to get the kid a formal ID too. He will need it soon enough. I think I can take him down to the Dept of Revenue south of here.


Anonymous Gate's Mom said...

Yes, from my years of banking, do get him a valid state ID at the Dept of Rev. It will make life much easier. I would also check with some of the credit unions, many of them still use the old passbook for savings and they have been merging just like the banks, so you may find one with a branch in his neighborhood. They have removed their restrictions and anyone can be a member. Look in the yellow pages, I just did an on-line search and found several in his area. Good luck, the kid is lucky to have you as a friend and mentor.

11:13 AM  
Blogger Maire said...


The manager at the St. Louis Hills US Bank is a top notch fella. Go talk to him. I had taken my (then)under-18 sister to open an account and he put me on the account and made sure to talk to her (not me) because it was her responsibility. There are a number of branches downtown/midtown and you get a good deal for being a student. I second the valid ID esp now that the MO House passed the Voter ID bill...that's for another time though...

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Blogger Steven Fitzpatrick Smith said...

Sad note to this story-

Sam was a no-call no-show on Monday. He did this the previous Monday. I don't know why he didn't show yesterday. The previous Monday he had to go to tutoring. I told him that he does not have to come to work if he has tutoring. He should absolutely go to tutoring, in fact I will be upset if he doesn't go. But if he expects to hold onto his job he has to call to tell us he can't come in. I told him if he did it again he would be fired. Jessica told him the same thing.

He didn't show on Monday. No call, no show. And now, sadly, he will learn what it is like to lose his job.

Too bad, for he is a really hard worker, shown some consistency, and has the potential to go really far. But he won't go far if he doesn't learn about no call no show. I give the kids one extra chance. I gave SITF an extra chance. Most adults know about no call no show and that is why I rarely would ever give a second chance to an adult. He learned it for the first time and was sternly warned. Then he did it again.

The kid had really picked up some hustle when I let him wash people's cars outside off the clock for some extra cash. I like that in a kid. Smart. Come in early, clock in, work, clock out and make some extra walking around money on the side for the busfare home. Too bad really.

I would reccomend the kid if anyone wants to hire him. But maybe he is not ready to have a regular part time after school job yet. That is okay. The kid is young and has much to learn. And now he has learned another lesson.

11:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My experience as a kid leads me to believe that Sam probably wanted to quit his job anyway. I do not think he was testing you or trying to be disrespectful. I remember quitting jobs that way, only because there seemed to be no other way to do it. I liked my boss too much at one job, but hated the job itself. My only way out it seemed was to no show, and that did it. If you have not already spoken to him, be warned that he will try to make it "not his fault" and make you feel bad about it. (which you probably do already.) It goes without saying again that he made the choice to quit. You have to realize just that; he made the choice to quit. I think a lesson was learned and you did the right thing.

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