Sunday, April 02, 2006

STL in the Times & Code Red

An old friend came in last weekend, and he let me know that Saint Louis had an appearance in the New York Times. I had missed it, for it is piece in the travel section. The story is called Saint Louis in 36 hours. It was cute and fairly well done, although I think they needed to dig a wee bit deeper. It is evident this was a quickly done article and one can quibble. There are simple forgivable mistake saying that Saint Louis has "German, Irish and Italian immigrants have given way to Thais, Mexicans and Bosnians." Eh, close enough huh? Where is that Thai neighborhood again? Some might say it is inside the Vietnamese neighborhood. I guess others would say it is all the same anyway right? Not at all, but I quibble. But if I am quibbling, this bit is more amusing. Also in the piece was a paragraph about Nectar. Oh Nectar! The writer Larry Friedman said "Don't even think of walking into this ultrahip boite wearing denim or any other unironic attire." And then the picture shows two of three very excited women wearing this inside the fancy Nectar:

I guess these girls dared to think of such denim. Hats off to Stephanie Cordle for finding just the right pic to make the big city, big word talkin' New York writer look so sharp. Maybe Friedman could have paid more attention, but at least Cordle did. Pictures don't lie.

The story wasn't bad, but I just hoped a NY Times piece might give me something more. Quibble quibble!! Funny funny! It was just a travel piece. It is too easy, I have to poke fun at that.

Speaking of trying to find fun stuff, check out this new fun on the Post-Dispatch STLtoday site. Code Red. It is rather amusing. The NY Times should have hired this crew. I must disclose that I am biased for I am quite familiar with the crew. But just read it. It is good and fresh. But if you want to really give yourself some hurting, read the competitors. Ouch!

(mad props to Patrick from the Belfast Crew for his heads up. Good luck on the citizenship.)


Blogger Allison said...

Thanks, Steve. Maybe soon people will start digging a bit deeper and realizing what an amazingly original and vibrant city we have. And maybe then we will be closer to what we really should be-- ourselves, stuck in the middle of the continent.

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