Monday, May 15, 2006

Derby Day at the Royale

Here is a video from the Royale. I am starting up a Royale website in which I will be able to update the content regularly. It is kinda cool actually. I don't have everything ready for the website, but I am going to post this here. I won't post things like this on STLStreets, but on site not up yet). I plan on putting up things here on STLStreets now that I have this camera. It will be interesting to see how this works.

This is a picture of the family.

This is a great picture of my sis. I love you Jenny! You look so great! I think it says "startled demon."

Mad, mad, mad props to Mister Bill Streeter of Lofistl. He has been instrumental in helping me put together my sites. He is going to be starting to teach classes for KDHX.

He is really doing revolutionary things in terms of creating a place for this new type of communication. He is into video blogging. This is a whole new type of content, and it is very free and real. Bill is going to be going to be on a panelist/speaker in San Fransisco for Vloggercon. What a nerd!! It is so neat. It really is. Bill is going to be hosting Culture Jam on Wednesdays here at the Royale starting in June. We are going to be using a projector to do this outside. He is going to be showing original content that he finds on the net. I sat at his house the other day watching the new TV- the video blogs. It is funny stuff. It is Culture Jam. And I think it is going to be every Wednesday at the Royale at dark.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats Steve, it looked like a good time. Probably would have made more moolah had, guests not brought in their own flasks ( check out the gal with your sis). By the by, what's your sis's situation? Is she available?

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