Friday, May 19, 2006

The President and Mister Smith Goes to Washington

I think the President should be commended in his push for proper immigration reform. An understanding of the greatness of our American history makes it easier to understand at the moment.

I also think that we need to protect our borders. The terrorists who killed all of those thousands of Americans on that fateful day got into the US through the borders on the north.

I do find it interesting that many of the Republicans oppose the legal reform inside the US, instead choosing to push for the increase in the big government spending for increasing military force. That is an awful lot of money, and for what greater productive benefit? The legal solution is much cheaper and effective.

I got a request on Myspace a couple weeks ago from "Illegal Immigrants are Criminals!"

My stars.

The President didn't have to push for this reform. He could have stuck to his guns and butter, but that really hasn't been working. I can't imagine any advisor would have suggested this issue would work in the President's favor considering the Republican party has become so radicalized against this kind of thing. It is interesting to see how the Republicans turn against each other.

Amusing indeed.

So I am going to Washington DC and Baltimore next month. I am most excited. I might get a tour of the News Hour and perhaps Washington Week. I haven't had a proper vacation in about two years.


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