Friday, May 05, 2006

Saint Pius Picnic this weekend

I was going down Grand yesterday, and I saw a kid, maybe eight or nine and he was standing at the fence looking in at all of the rides. How cool. Can't wait.

The Saint Pius Parish Picnic is tonight and tomorrow. Yay!! There are plenty of throw up rides for the kids, great international food and Schlafly beer. I was contacted to help them get Schlafly. The Nuns involved at Saint Pius didn't want to get scab beer. We are going to be able to sell the beer cheap too. Two or two fifty a draft. Nice.

Saint Pius is on Grand at Utah. It starts tonight and then tomorrow morning and ends Saturday night. This will be a place to see what all the new fashion is for the different kids of Saint Louis.

I need to get my battery in the Cadillac today. I want to try to get it running for the parade tomorrow. Need to wash it.


Blogger Thomas said...

It's a good picnic. Went by last night. Highly recommended.

3:21 PM  

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