Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Black Forest is open

Watch the video

There is a new Mexican Restaurant and bar called El Lenador that just opened on 3126 Cherokee yesterday. Yes, they have beer. Yay beer!

The video is from my phone. My apologies for the shaky camera, I was just so excited to be in an old German immigrant restaurant now occupied by new immigrants. I love the USA!

It is in the old Black Forest on Cherokee just east of Compton near the old Thurmers. They have kept the same decor, a painted scene of the Rhine Valley, drop ceiling, beautiful wood bar with a carved wood arch, a little stage and a ton of seating. The place is like a nice restaurant in the mid 70s. They have only been open two days. It was quite amusing. The little kids of the owners were running around. We were only the second table when we arrived. Then there was another party of five people and the boys would run to the back and say "there are five more people who came in!!" It was pretty fun. And the food- damn good. That Cherokee Mexican style with fresh fresh fresh salsas, chips, guac, corn tortillas, cheese, chorizo. And cheap cheap I might add. Now that this is in a legit looking joint with booze(well beer)!! My heavens, you can take a real date out on Cherokee. Amazing. My grandmother hates going to restaurants that don't serve scotch. She says "lets go to a real restaurant next time." Hopefully they will start serving the stiff stuff soon.

The building itself is huge, with huge seemingly unnecessary looking parking lot and what appears to be a large second floor for perhaps a banquet hall. The first floor has a tiny little stage for a band and there is a nice room on the side that is a bar. Nice. The service is still in the beginning stages, but the kids came up to see if we wanted refills in between their indoor footraces.

God bless America.


Blogger Mike said...

Go to hear something is happening on Cherokee St. Hope it's a sign of things to come.

1:07 PM  
Anonymous A. Speer said...

That place is kinda dark and depressing. It looks like a cross between a Hacienda on X-mas and the Reichstag.

3:20 PM  

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