Sunday, June 18, 2006


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Here is a lil' movie of my first day and a half of my visit to DC. I have hit it pretty hard so far.

When I first jumped on the plane a familiar face tugged at my shirt. Yup, I am not the only Mister Smith to go to Washington. State Senate hopeful Jeff Smith was on his way to DC to view a documentary about his run for Congress and a fundraiser. He was flying with his girlfriend Liz.

After I got off the plane, I needed to get my shoes shined. The man, Raymond, used a hair dryer on my shoes. "It opens up the pores."

Indeed it did.

Then I picked up some legalized explosives at a little stand on our way in to the District for our assault on the safehouse. I needed to say hello properly, so I threw a string of firecrackers over the fence in a rush attack.

I then went and got my haircut by a guy who was talking to someone in Kingston. I could not understand a word he said. It wasn't the accent, it was a pure mumble. I was then fresh headed for the day and headed out to take on D.C. with my new shoe shine and haircut.

Jeff Smith had invited me to a get together at some fancy house in Dupont. It was a funny deal. A whole documentary on his run for Congress. They had a full set up there in this very nice townhouse. Odd how you can't really go anywhere without seeing someone.

We drove around and got a feel for the character with an impromptu streetfight on the simmering sidewalks of D.C.. I liked it how the passing lady gave a wide berth to the rowdy crew without a second glance. Just like it happens everyday.

The next morning I went to the Florida Street Grill to get some good country soul cooking. I really liked the cheese grits. The best I had since Jason Stamp made some a couple years back. We then rolled out to the markets and hit the D.C. Market in the blazing sun. I picked up some great records and a new lid. The music was great. There was a little parking lot attendant booth where a DJ had set up a rig to play music to the entire outdoor market. It was wonderful music. It sort of reminded me of a spin by Doctor Jeff with the sound effects and style.

The next day we went to the Raven in the El Salvadorean neighborhood to get a sip and after a few we walked out and enjoyed some free Cuban street music. Now this is something we could really use on Cherokee on the weekends. Oh the vibrancy of D.C.!

I just got back from Baltimore and have a boatload of more pix/video etc.


Anonymous tim s said...

Hey Steve, I just heard that the replacement drivers at Lohr voted to be removed from teamster representation, thus making the replacement drivers fulltime drivers. This officially ends the strike. The scabs voted 20 out of 21 to leave the union.
Unless you think your business would improve tremendously, I say screw AB, you don't need em'.

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