Monday, June 26, 2006

Interesting site and comments

I am back in town and in the thick of it. Much fun to be back. I got plenty of pix and video to edit and post, but that will come in time. I got to catch up on a few things first which includes picking up multiple friges, dealing with shit filled toilets(the gym got busted into again) and dealing with just a million little tasks. It is great to be home. I feel so needed and necessary. Ha. I am quite lucky.

Real quick:

I am keeping a tradition of history alive for the river city.

I was doing some liesurely research reading and then some more research and reading and found this great list. There is a website on the geneology of Saint Louis and they have a directory from this town in 1821 that a man named John Paxton published. It was an interesting point in this city for it was starting to get a balanced and growing econonmy. The list is actually quite readable. The number of people is not really that big. It is probably just the size of a personal large address book. A small town. I have a hard time of thinking of it like that, but reading this gives relativity. I notice there are about 57 large saloons(grocery) and about another dozen tavern keepers. I am proud to be a part of this lineage. Funny how many businesses there and what kind. Gunsmiths, coachmakers, drugstores, sign painters, cabinetmakers, boatmakers, watchmakers and just some names of people. There is a college (you know the one that was founded in 1818) a brewery that did not serve any AB products and plenty of lawyers. Not many NSOs or professional bloggers. What an interesting place this has been.

I do notice that the brewer in town was named Matthew Murphey. Hmmmm. Another tradition?


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