Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Why I am destined to run a joint on Cherokee

A couple weeks back I rolled late on Cherokee, about 9pm or so. It was the last day of school for most of the city schools and was a beautiful night. The kids were out.

I ordered a chorizo quesadilla from Daniel, the kid that works at the taco shack at California and Cherokee called El Vellasano. Daniel goes to school across the street from the Royale. He is doing well.

I sat out on the patio and watched the street scene. Things looked good.

I decide to get ice cream from Daniel and take a walk down Cherokee to see how things look at this time of night. I got a mamay flavored ice cream and walked east past the big ol' grocery store El Torito and down to take a look at my favorite graffiti now faded. As I walked across the next intersection I hear my name shouted out. I look over and I see a crew of six kids walking down the street.

It is Lorenzo, his brother LeMarco, Jeremy and some friends. These kids used to box for the Panda. They were lookin' mighty tough this evening. I started to laugh. It was funny to see these kids from the northside, down on the southside. I started to talk to them. They all had just gotten out of school that day.

Watch the video

The video is of this crew that was rollin' late at night out eating ice cream at El Vellasano.

This pic is of LeMarco's new grill. Here is a pic of his old grill. His old one was made of foil. The new one is a fancy one he put over his bottom row.

And this was how I knew I was finally destined. As I sat back with my crew eating ice cream, the Don "The Pride of the Southside" Beasely walks down Cherokee with his girlfriend Catlin. Don had also boxed for me. He now works for me. He does door, barbacks, cooks and occasionaly my driver. He does a little bit of everything. Don sat and chatted with the kids. He boxed at the same time as these kids for the PAC.

And this was a random night on Cherokee.

The video and pictures were taken from my treo phone.


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Blogger Steven Fitzpatrick Smith said...

Don and I had to take care of some business the other day, and I let him drive. He told me he was my driver. I agreed. I did not argue with him. I need to get a four door car and sit in the back to do it right. I could get used to it real easy. He drives nice and slow. I can't help but love the idea of a driver.

The real funny site was something else. Father Don and I were making a collection and wound up buying an air conditioner. I couldn't put it in the trunk of the Lincoln so I had to put the AC in the front seat. I drove back and Don sat in the back. That was a funny site. I had to pull the big boy out of the back seat cuz the seat would only fold so much forward, and he had to squeeze out. Oh Father Don!!

And to the other anonymous with the rejected post: Thanks for the sharp thoughts on my business, my family and my personal life. I would like to invite you to come lollygag with me some day. Not only would you likely enjoy it, you probably need it. Please email me at the contact above. I will pop for lunch and we can discuss the finer points of what else you think I should do with my business and what it means to live a full life. All personal comments can be exchanged on a personal level in private email.

I spent a very grateful evening giving thanks at Mass at the Mount Grace Convent with my family this evening. Holla at the Pink Sistas!!

Keep the peace


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

(Just sayin', the place is Neveria la Vallesana)

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