Sunday, July 23, 2006

Report from Cherokee

We rolled in late Friday night to keep the order. And honestly, it was far more like Mayberry than I had ever seen. In fact it was nice to have people on the street late at night, like normal people enjoying a beverage on a sidewalk patio late at night. We would wave at the police and neighbors as they walked by. If this is what the STL is like in a state of emergency, then we certainly don't deserve the moniker of "the most dangerous city." We walked the alleys, the sidewalks, gangways and streets. The night on Cherokee was best described as sleepy. I was thinking there were to be roving gangs of hooligans, wearing old football pads, riding on motorcycles and homemade cars, weilding meat cleavers and ax handles. Instead it was more suburban with the exception of the spontaneous sidewalk cafe. While there were only a few people walking around, it did not seem dangerous at all, in fact the only menace were the bat weilding children that people brought with them.

I did realize my first on Cherokee. I finally was able to serve a beer to some of my fellow south side citizens.

The comments left on the blog last night reminded me why I moderate this blog. You can comment on this blog as many people do. It is not always happy nice comments either. I approve most comments that most would not, but there is a point. You don't dog my family, you don't drop racist rants, don't villify kids for existing and there are other even worse comments. And at least take credit for what you say. And for your comparsion between minority kids on Cherokee and to those kids in Clayton- you have got to be kidding me. Have you ever run with kids from the suburbs? I have and still do on occasion. Hell raisers with plenty of passes. Check my experience from Clayton if it is so dang crime free.


Blogger Diabetoboy said...

I think it's silly when people say "right on" alot, but right on Steve, right on.

By the way, this is Jim.

4:52 PM  
Anonymous Tension Head said...

Friday was quiet. It was quieter than a normal night with power. Supposedly the police had rounded up the problem causers that night. Plus, I think the word got out that we were there. We were there until 5am. A few owners stayed and slept in their shops.
I think we did well and the police officers I spoke with said that we helped out.It was kinda fun, kinda like a camping trip.
It has inspired some of the shop owners. We're talking about having a late night out on Cherokee.
Thanks for helping. Sorry you didn't get to catch anyone!

12:17 PM  

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