Friday, July 21, 2006

State of Emergency and keeping the streets safe

So I have been rolling across the city in the Eldorado in this State of Emergency. I see why they called it. It is surreal, but the easy going pace has not gone away. I still have visions of keeping the order by driving through the neighborhoods with some other civic minded people handing out provisions. Not unlike the Duke in his caravan across town in Escape from New York.

I saw a small series of UE trucks driving down Sidney in the middle of the 4 way stop neighborhood. I yielded to them and waved them through to not stop. I think that these trucks should be able to drive around like emergency vehicles during a state of emergency.

The streets were blocked off all over with trees more than a day afterwards. There is at least one tree down per street if not more. Fences knocked over, crap all over the streets, awnings from homes in the middle of the parks, roofing material everywhere. Broadway is blocked off by what looked like a sattelite dish.

Watch the video
The kids are in the streets having a blast. The hydrants are open all over. The kids have put tires around the hydrants and put 2x4 in front of the water creating a wonderful spray of water to play. I am sure it is unsafe and should be stopped, blah blah, but it is a site that puts a smile on my face everytime I see it. It is great seeing people having relief in such a situation. Honestly, I am just jealous. I really wanted to take a run through the water. But I wear these nice pants and shirt. Maybe I should readopt my scruffy boy lifestyle and wear tattered pants and run shoeless like Huck Finn.

I heard reports that there has been some looting on Grand. I told the person it sounds like business as usual. I wouldn't go as far to think of what happened as looting. That is almost too forgiving.

I also just heard that there have been a series of break ins on Cherokee last night. I am going to go down and hang out with my peoples. I am going to bring some refreshments down with me so we can relax and enjoy the evening. So if you want to come to a civic peace keeping party, come down after 10pm in front of the new Proper Shoe, or if it is raining Goal the soccer shop. I am going to get there around 10pm. Activity of people keeps the neighborhood safe. Finally, I am officially serving on the streets of Cherokee.


Anonymous Ted said...

You invite everyone up to the bar for a heat relief party...then you go somewhere else? What up with that?

8:55 PM  
Anonymous Tension Head said...

Thank you so much for coming down and for the full cooler. We'll be down there again tonight if we don't have power. We can play Warriors in the alleyways with Don!

9:42 AM  

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