Monday, August 14, 2006

Interview, Tours and Myspace Reds

C-Span is showing the entire 60 minutes interview from last night with axis of evil Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. I didn't see the 60 minutes interview or look at the transcripts, but it looks to be an interesting interview for Iranian officials are denying they are selling rockets to Hizbullah, instead saying that they are procuring them on the open market. How funny, silly. Scary. I am interested to hear what the Prez says to the US in the interview. I am sure this will be different than what he says at home. I wonder if GW does interviews for Iranian media? I wonder just how repressed Iranian media is. From what I hear there is opposition media, but I cannot recall to what extent they can operate in this Theocracy. I should do some more research.

Iran is a scary country, as is Pakistan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and N Korea. And this is no good at all. Nor is this. Be careful with whom you associate. You never know what might develop.


There was an interesting story in the Wall Street Journal this weekend about tours picking up in places like Cambodia, Croatia and such. Unfortunately, even though I get the paper version, I am unable to subscribe to the online version. How some war torn places are able to recover fairly quickly, while some others languish. The tours look fairly interesting. The one tour in Khmer Rouge war torn Cambodia does not offer five star, but they said it was a great tour with decent accomodations. The peace and security for foreigners is supposedly good in these tours, and this was coming from the stuffy conservative WSJ.


I had gotten a friend request on Myspace from an American friend residng in Communist China. I am unsure if it was him, for the page was blank other than his name. I checked on two different computers on different browsers and there was no information. I guess those pinkos really like to stamp out the flow of information. Funny, for I get emails from him. Who knows if I get them all? But he also told me over the phone the goverment shut down his internet connection for a few days. Well, there is no doubt that the Red Chinese listen in on normal people in their country. There seems to be little trust and openess in that society, and a whole lot of wasted efforts. Some simple thick skin might help out those Reds to open up a lot more. That would really help them in the long run. God bless America.


I got some good local content posts coming soon, I am just waiting on some side content to come through and a bit o editing.


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