Friday, August 11, 2006

The mutual assault

So Don and I sparred today. It was rather funny.

Yes, it is fun to hit your employee, and probably even more fun for the employee to hit the bossman in the head. But that is not the only reason why it was funny.

Don is a big kid. We wrestled on the floor of the Royale after hours last week. I have been wrestling more often recently. I used to wrestle in HS and I love the sport. This fostered a bit of a sharpened rivalry with Don.

Now I am only a fair wrestler at best. And I am maybe a mediocre boxer at best. But it is so much fun. The sport is not about how good you are, although smacktalk is fun. I have never been great at the combat, but I have always enjoyed it. I did karate at Traceys for a couple of years, judo over at the YMCA and wrestling in HS for a few years. Combat is fun. I didn't even know how naturally I loved combat until I boxed. I have always been drawn to it.

In this wrestling match last week, Don didn't pin me. I didn't pin Don either. While we are both big boys, the man outweighs me by more than a few pounds. It was fun, for I knew the basics so it was pure play. I know how to not get pinned. But damn, he is a big boy. I did pin SITF Pete though. I need to keep that pecking order.

So I sparred boxing today at training with Don. Don hasn't sparred in a while. And I have really just started sparring again. I knocked around with TC the other day along with Irish Patrick, the same guys I first knocked around with ten years ago. That was fun.

But sparring with Don it was just funny fun. He talks some trash in the midst of combat training. He never did this when we trained before. But now I am his bossman. I sometimes talk trash, but for show at the fights. That is when it gets the best reaction. That was so long ago. Don was trash talking at sparring wtih no one around. I almost stopped and laughed for it is just so funny, but the problem was he would hit me really hard after trash talking me.

Through the muddle of a mouthpiece:

"You want some more of that? Huh?"

I am taken aback and almost laugh, and them bam! A fist in my left ear. The man hits hard for a simple sparring session.

Trash talking? Are you serious? So I hit him with a combo. Right hand to his face followed by a left hand to his ear. Pretty easy for he is a slow fighter. I am not really any faster on my defense, but I can punch marginally faster.

He stops and is dazed after I hit him. So I hold back to give him a sec. It is a cotrolled sparring session.

After about ten or fifteen seconds he recomposes himself, snorts something smart sounding and takes another hard swing to my noggin, now with blood oozing from his mouth.

I have a smile on my face and we continue to trade punches. This was way, way too funny. He keeps trash talking through the entire sparring session. I just relax and have fun. For it is too much fun. We trade blows. I am glad he is slow, or I would be in serious trouble. I do need to get in better shape, but at least I can still trade punches with Don.

We had to stop after just three rounds, for he was going to throw up. Again. He has a habit with the vomit. Poor guy. Bleeding and about to puke. We went outside to the dock where it was raining and he walked around and did manage not to puke.

Trash talking, and then taking a second to catch your breath and then taking a swing. So funny that Don. Sparring is so fun.

I can't wait to hit the man again tomorrow afternoon at the next training. And then for real on Saturday night. I want to make him puke and bleed. So much easy fun.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

if you add freestyle wrestling (ie, Olympics/collegiate, not pro) to your next card, count me in.

former HS wrestler and former HS wrestling coach

12:27 AM  

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