Monday, August 07, 2006

On the Road

On the road with Steve Smith

Here is a video my man Dave Grey made. We rolled through the southside last week and he made up this nifty video. His use of music is much better than mine. It is a bit self indulgent for he was video taping me the whole time. But it was a fun easy going afternoon.

Thanks Dave! This youtube is pretty sweet and it posts right to my blogger. Slick.

I am still ill!! I did go see the Warriors earlier, although I am still sick and feel like I just was beaten with a bat by the Baseball Furies. That was great to see on the big screen. I wish there were gangs like this here in Saint Louis. The Baseball Furies. Way cool.


Anonymous Annie Denny said... time you roll down my street to make a movie--stop by! I look good on camera!



6:13 PM  

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