Tuesday, August 01, 2006

*Up and coming neighborhood

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How do you know you are in an up and coming neighborhood in our nation's capitol, Washington DC?

The streets are full of trash.

This video footage was taken on the sidewalk on the side street toward the main drag in the up and coming neighborhood of Washington DC. This is a hood that rents one bedroom apartments for over two grand a month and has Audis, Mercedes and Cadillacs. Classy neighborhood.

*I do not endorse or condone trash, nor do I support the existence of or smell created. I have been spotted on a nearly daily basis picking up styrofoam soda cups.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Is a video considered "footage" if its digital?

5:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know how it happens? You get one person who throws out or drops a little piece of trash and says "oh, it's so small it wont matter". Multiply that by thousands and that's what you get. It's even worse on the less up and coming streets. People don't give a rats ass. And who say's it's okay to throw gum and smokes out of a window of a car. That shit is everywhere. We need more fines and citations for littering.

2:41 PM  
Blogger Steven Fitzpatrick Smith said...

I am glad we have high standards here in the STL in our unified condemnation of trash. I don't like seeing trash in front of my property or elsewhere. That is why I pick it up. And that is why I pick up trash outside of my property lines. It doesn't look good. That is why I wash my car all the time too.

I had difficulty delineating the difference between the "up and coming" neighborhoods and the "not up and coming neighborhoods" in my week stay in DC. There was just a lot of economic activity in the NW side of DC. This was beautiful to see. DuPont was somewhat clean, but I couldn't tell much of a difference between there and other neighborhoods in terms of safety, grade or general economic activity. There was certainly a lot of residential money in DuPont, but the main drags got extra messy. Overall the STL is very clean compared to a place like DC. This is not saying that the STL is a clean city, but just in comparison.

While I did not explore most of DC, I did see quite a bit. I did not have much familiarity with the history of the neighborhoods, other than the riots back when MLK was killed happened in one of these comeback neighborhoods. Some neighborhoods had trash, and others not so much, but it did not seem to have a pattern on whether or not it was up and coming.

I did notice that this up and coming neighborhood was far trashier than pretty much any neighborhood on the southside, or northside for that matter.

I should pull out my pix from NYC a couple years back of trash strewn Manhattan sidewalks, from the sidestreets to the subway entrances. It was surreal seeing the highest real estate in the world with an entire bag of trash dumped in front of the doors of Macy's while people walked by oblivious to this horrid site. I had been encoded to judge the area as a ghetto dump, but the locals said it was primo property. This was primo property. My judgement was in err.

I could do a whole other piece on the smell of Manhattan in the summer. Most of the smell is based on urine.

I love New York and DC, even though they sometimes smell like pee and need to pick up a little bit extra. Just like my friends here. That is why I make Shit in the Face brush his teeth before going on shift. We hold higher standards here in Saint Louis.

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