Thursday, September 28, 2006

diggity and the best of

I have been slacking bad on posts. I wrote one up, but have decided to edit myself. A bit too, hmmm. Not sure it is proper for public consumption.

I do have several unwritten, but in my head ready to go, just been too busy to write out and edit. I got the written and unreleased "old white man obsessed with hot rods and black guys", the unwritten "getting held up by Public Safety", "Pimped out regal bridges" and the guest post "Unknowingly propositioned by a white wine John Madden neighbor". I have looked over my posts this past month and it is a pretty weak lot. And I have to pony up a piece for the 52nd City issue of "Drink" on what it means to live above my joint. And a hint on what that means? I live in a Public House and that means I live a public life which means I have no privacy. "Me time." Me time means me and every person in this city who comes to my house. Funny. Seven days a week! I am quite insane.

I am going to the auction at Stern tomorrow. I got to pick up a mess o gear for the new project. We made some progress at the Block Unit meeting on Tuesday night. We answered a ton of questions from the neighborhood citizens. The neighborhood was pretty much unanimously supportive. They were pretty excited. But there was one person in staunch opposition, but no surprise there. It is good to know the people are down with it.

But quickly I did notice a few amusing things in the RFT Best of issue this week.

First off Casa Lupita, Best Mexican, located on Cherokee, has been closed for months. Yes, tasty food, but the place didn't last all that long. It had a great variety of country style Mexican food indeed, but it is not only been out of business, but sat vacant for a good while and is now reoccupied by another Mexican restaurant. But it had a good selection either way. This new joint just opened too, and they are likely to get the bump. Good for them, but I pick El Bronco for the best.

But who cares about that, more to the proper propers- Mucho praise to Mister Galen Gondolfi who won Best Citizen! What a cool award!

And best website- the Archdiocese website! I use it often as a reference tool.

May the Lord bless Miss Julie Layton. Oh how I miss her witty morning banter on her radio show on KSLU with MC Rolf and John (S)Kavanaugh.

And Bill Streeter as best cheerleader. ha ha. I just think of him in a short skirt kicking in the air and pom poms. And wasn't GW Bush a cheerleader? Good call though. Bill is a smart cat with a sharp eye and a wicked cool website.

There are some other decent picks too, but they have a pretty big circulation and I don't think this is a necessary forum to find out the Best Of picks from the RFT.

I got to do my own Best Of. And I got to edit down some footage I have taken on my phone and camera.


Anonymous Bill Streeter said...

I'm telling you, I look mighty fine in a short skirt.

8:02 AM  
Anonymous Curious Ward said...

Couldn't help but notice that the Arch Di website has a big banner telling us that stem cell research is murder....being a man of the people and a Dem. what's your stand on stem cell research and while we're at it, abortion? If you are to move into our ward, you must think alike or you are against progress and progression.

5:42 PM  
Anonymous Mitzi said...

Damn straight! I'll vouch for that Bill....I've seen you in a short skirt!

Reading your blog for the first time Steve! Enjoying it so far...

9:59 PM  
Blogger Steven Fitzpatrick Smith said...

Why thank you Mitzi! I trust both you and Bill's word on this one. I will not check up on this.

And Mister/Misses Curious Ward:

Thank you for your interest in the particularly relevant matters of development of a small gerrymandered boundaried Ward in South Saint Louis and the Archdiocese website.

In fact Rome has a direct line to my house. I take my orders straight from the Pope himself.


4:25 AM  
Blogger Diana Leigh Philomena said...

Mr. Smith,

When you speak with the Holy Father next, tell him to return my calls, wouldja?

9:34 AM  
Blogger Steven Fitzpatrick Smith said...

By the way Curious Ward, where exactly do you get that I am a card carrying Democrat?

Gotta go, I think that is the German Pope on the other line.


1:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Steve,

Did you know that Alderman Shelton has a very similar alcohol moritorium in mind for the 4th ward?

2:59 PM  

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