Saturday, September 09, 2006

State of Iran

I had wondered what the state of society, freedom and such in Iran. I did a little bit of sniffing and found some interesting articles and publications.

Here is a little interview that you can watch online that sort of fills out the answer to the general question by Iranian American journalists Afshin Molavi and Azadeh Moaveni. The fact that they were allowed into Iran was interesting.

Here is a show called Wide Angle, a PBS show with the story:
Red Lines and Deadlines

Twenty-six years after the Islamic Revolution, Iran is struggling for political reform. WIDE ANGLE films behind the scenes with the young reporters at one of Iran's new pro-reform newspapers as they grapple to report the news without incurring the "blade of censorship" that is an ever-present threat in Iran today. Shargh is one of the leading reformist papers and has built a loyal readership among Iran's intellectuals, opinion-makers, politicians, and the young. This update features new footage of Shargh reporters covering Iran controversial presidential elections in 2005.

Around 200 newspapers have been shut down in Iran in the past five or so years. The courts do it. The show is pretty interesting on how dissent exists in Iran. I think there is hope for positive change. It is so badly needed in this repressive regime.

I got several "local content posts" coming up. I just need to get to it!


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