Wednesday, October 04, 2006

five is one old ladies in the news

I always thought it looked kind of...stupid. And funny.

They have been doing it for years. At the end of the newscasts on channel five. The little kids flashing channel five gang signs. So funny.

They usually get grade school kids. Then the kids flash their hands with all five digits and then making a fist and then flashing an index finger number one. Five is one.

I was a teacher at the Science Center six or seven years ago. I would get kids in from all sorts of area schools in for field trips. I would teach science to kids from Suburban and City Parochial, City Public, City Magnet, Private, County and all over. It was always funny. Certain teachers from City Schools would get just way, way, way bent out of shape when the boys scrambled to contort their fingers for the picture. Some teachers would scream at the boys, and if the boy persisted his finger signs the teacher would pull them out of the picture. I would always laugh when this happened. It reminded me of a classroom scene from Our Gang.

I then remember when the kids at the gym would get their picture taken. We had to take their pictures for the registration books for USA Boxing. When I first pulled out the camera they danced around with twisted fingers. But all I needed were head shots for the passbooks.

Then every time after that people took their picture it was different. One suggestion I made was a solid fist. That was for the tough guy boxer. Another was the number one sign. That was clearly marking the position you were in. Number one. I also supported the victory symbol. Or a peace sign. Usually victory. Or even sometimes the Vice Lords. But the Vice Lords wasn't my description of the sign. That was just what John-John Harkenon told me as a kid over on Northeast Avenue. And then there was the kid that would just make up something new or do something weird.

Five is one gang sign. They are corrupting our children. Or they making them look stupid. Or they are making them look really funny. Or maybe all of the above. "But hey! Look at me! I'm on TV!"



Funny that Five is one, the Spencer's Grill in Kirkwood was featured on the NBC national news. They were venting the frustration of conservative voters. Funny. I wonder if they show that kind of thing on the local news. I don't really watch the local news. Funny.

And then there were pictures of old ladies and Vietnam Vets lined up to hug and kiss the soldiers when they got back for their two week breaks. Weird. Creepy. Sad. Cool. Weird. A whole lot of crying was going on. Sad. The old ladies lined up. Weird. The soldiers seemed to appreciate it. Cool. And then some of the soldiers were just being polite and looked like they had enough after old lady number fifty had kissed him in the span of his first ten minutes home. Creepy. And then the some of the soldiers were crying. Sad. And then the old ladies were lined up. Cool. And weird. Sad.

21 American soldiers have been killed since Saturday. Ouch. Iraqi Po-Po have been called off the streets due to complicity with the enemy. 700 National Police are accused of being a part of the National Shiite Militia. Damn. Damn. Damn.

I like watching the news. But we are turning to these blogs to fill our heads. Some of these blogs are pretty fun.

And there are a lot of blogs. Uhhhhhhhhh??? Is this a comedy? Is this for real? I think it is, but it could be an Onion kind of piece. It is funny. Very funny. And possibly disturbing, but mostly funny. Who is this guy? Oh, that is who that is. Funny stuff these blogs. The Whirl needs to do a blog.

* Or "5 is one" for all the grammar hounds.


Anonymous Becker said...

When I was a kid in Springfield, Missouri, it was "Gimme Three!" and kids would hold up three fingers for Channel 3 there. It was dorky then, it's dorky now.

But KSDK still wins on the local front. They show the local debates like for McCaskill and Talent, debates that other channels ignore. I always email them to thank them for that.

1:34 AM  

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