Monday, October 16, 2006

My Odes

Ode #1
O my ode to the cereal manufacturer!

Why I must thank you for propelling me to my six foot three!
O thank the stars for our bread!
Your fortified goodness has enriched me with the MVP of



and protein!

You have brought me warmth and growth as I consumed your provisions.

Mother said "No sugar cereal! Sugar cannot be the second ingredient!"
Yet I heaped spoonfuls of your cheer onto my fortified cereal from my hideout underneath the cover of the dinner table.

I still smile as eat my cereal.

Your sweetness lures and tempts.

O cereal manufacturer!

Can you now both fortify me to spring through the air but also keep me from ill?

How much can I thank one for such a gift?
High Fructose Corn Syrup to Evaporated Organic Cane Juice?

Et tu Joe?

Are you a trader or traitor?

So easy to keep us from ill!

Just a little bit of fortification for the growth spring and a little absence of something to keep an absence of an arm.

O can you, can you manufacturers of our sweetened and enriched life?

You can't do it all, but you can do so much by doing something less!!

Ode #2
O thank you soft drink!

For your sweet goodness. And the bubbles.

That is about it.

You could at least enrich me!

Damn soft drink.

Why must you be so sweet?


Blogger Steven Fitzpatrick Smith said...

To the unposted post!

I will have a post up soon over the experience. Tis half written.


3:15 PM  
Blogger Diabetoboy said...

Are you fearing Diabetes again?

Sugarfied cereals are just the beginning for the tots of America. Which brings to mind something Ginsburg wrote:

America when will you be sugar-free?
When will you take out your trans fats?
When will you look at yourself through the grave?
When will you be worthy of your millions of obese children?

I like the idea of enriched soda. While carbonation isn't the best for us, we might as well get something beneficial from it. 7UP was on the right track with their 7UP Plus line. Maybe if they cross that with Cocaine, the kids will take notice, but then again, so may the President.

You should lead the pack by enriching your alcoholic beverages.

7:54 PM  
Blogger Steven Fitzpatrick Smith said...

I do enrich my cocktails. I use fresh juice. Fresh cucumber, fresh pear, apple and fresh squeezed lime, orange and more.

Yay fruit sugar!

7:58 PM  
Anonymous Ahron said...

You have some gall, ending your emails with AMDG.
Who are you a fricken jesuit? Besides you quote is hypocritical.

I bet you'll vote no on Prop 2 wont you?

you are a sell out and a poser.


12:56 AM  
Blogger Steven Fitzpatrick Smith said...

I wish I had what it takes to be a Jesuit.

But I honestly am not sure what you are talking about. Prop 2? Hypocritical? Quote? Emails? Huh? I think it is over my head. Sugar is on my mind. Whatever this is you are betting on for me to do, I think you should bet your house!!

And thank you for the attention and loyalty in reading this fine blog!

The AMDG reference was in response to an unplublished comment about an experience I had over the weekend with a meetup with some other Jesuit trained comrades. I did not publish the comment for it gives away some of the story I will write soon. However I promised to finish a piece for 52nd City first, so no more posts until I get that done.

Men for Others

1:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel for those kids whose moms wouldn't buy sugar cereal. We didn't get chips or soda, but Tony the Tiger and Toucan Sam (and silly rabbits) were always welcome...

1:45 PM  

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