Thursday, October 26, 2006

Royale Weekly Newsletter

I am going to be posting a regular Royale newsletter. If you want it you will need to subscribe. I am not going to post this regularly on STLstreets, instead I will be posting it to and through the online group email here:

Welcome to the new weekly Royale update. I will personally be delivering each week new updates for going ons at the Royale and goodness around town.

Much to cover in this first message- Clownvis Presley, World Series, Record Spins

First off the big stuff:
This Saturday we will be hosting Clownvis Presley. Yes Clown/Elvis Impersonator. He is hosting his own Haunted Fish Fry. He does magic tricks. He sings. He does it all.
He is scheduled to start at 7 or and go to 9 on Saturday. So come down grab some food and then stay for the game. Costumes are strongly encouraged.

Here is the Clownvis Presley page:

You should seriously visit the above address and check out his Youtube video.

Speaking of baseball-
Yes, we are very much showing the World Series. We have TWO COLOR TVS (wow!) that have the game. And if color television is not enough of a draw, we have an in house official scorekeeper, James Blackwood. If you ever have any scoring questions, the idisputable scorekeeper James Blackwood will be at the end of the bar.

And here is the lineup for the Royale record Spins
Tonight Wednesday the 25th
Trashley of the Vultures with garage rock and more!

Thursday we have JJ, yes JJ
and early in the night we have the musical stylings of Kevin Bilchick

Friday we have
Sean Savoy is thowing down the loungey sounds for dinner starting at 6pm
DJ Akita on the ones and twos starting at 10pm

Saturday we have Barb Cliffe spin at 10pm closing the Clownvis Presley Show.

Sunday we have an opening. Who wants to spin?

Monday we have the legendary KSLU DJ Sam Foley with just flat out pimp music.

And every Tuesday we have Mark Early with the Tuesday Is The New Weekend (TITNW) in his special Halloween show with creepy drink specials, mystifying music and costumes encouraged. I will make sure we have a costume prize.

Don't forget Thursday November 9th will be Jessica Butler in her band Linn starting at 7pm.

I am also now updating the Royale website at
Over the next few weeks more content will arrive.

Free drink trivia- the first to get back to me with the answer:
What was 1982 World Series MVP Darrell Porter's nickname?

Keep the peace

Steven Fitzpatrick Smith

Feel free to forward to a friend. Email back to sign up or go to:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

easy. double barrel(l?) darrell.

4:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you need to invest in a couple of flatscreens. though you're not a sports bar, nice tvs are just...well, nice.

10:25 AM  
Blogger Steven Fitzpatrick Smith said...

Sorry Miss Diana, Byron Kerman emailed me back first through the Google Group.

I do plan on getting flat screens when the regular TVs crap out. Don't fix something that ain't broken. They are pretty sweet though.

11:05 AM  
Blogger Eric said...

Is that Jessica Butler as in the singer from the Skalars? I've been listening to my old copy of Skoolin' With the Skalars lately.

1:44 PM  
Blogger Steven Fitzpatrick Smith said...

Heck yeah. She has a fantastic jazz group she is leading.

1:45 PM  
Blogger Josh Wiese said...

Still looking for a sunday DJ? I'd be interested in it. Have a back catalog of records from my days at Vintage Vinyl that are getting mighty dusty- alot of old soul and country (donny hathaway and tony joe white records for some strange reason)

10:40 AM  

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