Sunday, October 29, 2006

Some recs

There have been three video productions that I would recommend viewing.

The first is Paradise Now. This was a very disturbing movie. It made me want to vomit. It is a close to reality fictional depiction of the final days of two suicide bombers. It is not healthy to delve into the logic of a world that supports suicide bombing. Thank you Fareed for your heads up.

The second is a documentary from the BBC called the Power of Nightmares. It is a documentary that tracks the use of fear in our society in today's terms with the War on Terror and matches them to the past Cold War. It also explores Neocon development of an idealist world and also new developing sect of Islamists idealists belief that the new world born of the Liberal ideal had failed. This is a way crazy documentary. The doc tracks the historic development of how it all connects. It is a three part series and you can watch it online. And the music is rather comical. Odd. Thank you Patrick for the heads up on this one.

And the third is two different documentaries from Frontline: The Lost Year in Iraq and The Enemy Within. Frontline has a long history of strong, straight, objective and well founded documentaries for decades. It is wonderful that you can watch most of the documentaries online. Both of these are pretty whack. It is hard to watch sometimes. It is like watching a story and you know the ending is not going to be pretty. They are very well documented and the interviews are amazing. I don't know how they get them. Thank you Big Bird for this heads up!

I have just started the book Saint Louis Politics: The Triumph of Tradition. I wonder if the book concludes that our current system that has been left to us supports working together, encouraging each other and a unified and inclusive city government? I wonder if my experience with the city has been typical.

Okay, yeah, is there any floaty happy stuff I have been consuming? I must say I do dig the Albino Alley Cat Review. I love athleticism!! And such skill, great music and costumes, the costumes!! And other happy things, I am taking Grandma out to lunch again this week. Yay. Grandma is so cool. The Cards won the World Series. That is great. The whiskey is starting to taste so much better this time of year.


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