Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Breathing again and rediscovery

The bridge on Arsenal is open again. It has been about a year since it was closed. It feels as if a nostril had been clogged up and now I can breathe freely again.

I kind of like the bridge. It is simple and looks industrial. I like the ornate bridges too, like the Kingshighway bridge. This one has big pipes sticking out of the side. Very tough looking. I like it. It will be nice that people will be able to more easily transverse across the southside. No more longcuts through the Hill or down Fyler.

As I travelled westbound on Thanksgiving I noticed there is a new subdivision on Arsenal. It is kind of screwy how these blocked streets can close off an entire part of a city. There are slick new dense subdivided houses on a dead end series of streets off Arsenal, just west of Macklind and east of Hampton. These series of homes are just west of the subdivision behind the Police station. These houses are much larger and grand. They are fancy. Not my personal taste, but high style none the less. I do like the tight lawns and the big back decks with pocket backyards. There are big garages attached to these mostly brick facades. They are interesting looking. I am sure some urbanists will moan about the architecture of these places, but let us not be blind to the fact that these fancy houses are just south of the shotgun shacks of the exclusive Hill. I am happy to see new homes that people want to buy and are moving into. It is great to see new residents, and residents relocate within to more desirable homes in the STL.

I am also always happy to see the streets open up and breathe in our city. This is how we discover ourselves, conduct business, see and experience our own city. It would be nice to have the Spring bridge back, even if in pedestrian form. It was always nice to ride a bike around the barricade to get to school on this condemned bridge. It kills me to see the pedestrian paths closed off, like the one between Brannon and Macklind just south of Chippewa or the streets shut off with cut sewer pipe thrown on the streets in the more run down parts of town. It just seems so unnatural to the city way of life to cut off so much. Breathing is healthy.


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