Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Mad Art Radio Hour: A live radio play

Hot off the wire:

The Mad Art Radio Hour: A live radio play
November 15, 16 & 17 (three performances)
Doors 7PM
Live Recording and Radio After Party November 17th
Admission for all dates: $5.00 / Cash Bar

Mad Art Gallery and local artists are creating a live theater production of a radio show from the Golden Age. By producing the event at a venue that focuses on the visual arts, we will bring the art of radio performance to an audience that may be used to relying on its eyes more than its ears. These are traditional radio shows with a twist. Writing, acting, and sound effects all by local talent and all live in an intimate setting. Featuring...

Johnny O'Casey, Martian Hunter: a hard-boiled crime drama
I Love Sylvia: the long awaited sitcom about the cheerful life of Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes
Each evening will be hosted by Mad Art's emcee Ron Buechele with Jaime Gartelos as the announcer and featuring Swing Set as the evening's Mad Art Orchestra. On November 17th the performance will be recorded live to be replayed on Thanksgiving night on KDHX's "The No Show" with Brett Underwood - Late Thursday / Early Friday at 12:00AM.

The show will be performed in three acts and will include an original theme song and two original radio plays created for the project by local artists Jamie Foehner and Jaime Gartelos. Live music will be performed by local band Swing Set.

Act I:
Introduction by radio host, Ronald Buechele
Performance of the Mad Art Radio Hour original theme song

Act II:
Original radio play "Johnny O'Casey: Martian Hunter"
Approximate running time twenty-five minutes

Act III:
Original radio play "I Love Sylvia"
Approximate running time twenty-five minutes

Our project is unique to the St. Louis area. Creating a performance that relies only on sound to communicate to the audience is challenging. For us, this fact gives new emphasis to the enormous creativity and talent that produced the radio shows of the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's. The human voice is the principal means of communication. Radio is a medium that focuses on one sense alone: sound. In an era where the individual is bombarded with fast-paced visual media, this project presents an opportunity for the listener to engage his imagination, turn off the external images, and create his own images with the help of our performance. The live, radio broadcast of the performance is integral to the project.

KDHX is partnering with Mad Art Gallery and the contributing artists to make this unique endeavor a reality. Sponsors include: The Royale, xPlane, Frazer's, and Lemmon's.


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