Tuesday, November 07, 2006


So today only, election day, you need to make sure you vote. So take an hour and a half lunch and go vote. It doesn't matter if you aren't allowed to leave the workplace during lunch because "you are too busy". Bullsh*t. Tell your boss to bite it and you are taking a long lunch and you are going to vote.

Then come get a free drink at the Royale. Nothing is better than a coffee in the afternoon to perk things up. So feel free to get a Schlafly Coffee Stout. Not in the mood for coffee? How about some juice. Try ordering a Boz. Do you like candy? Try a Mayor. Arak Razzouk on ice. Between noon and 2pm jet out of work, go vote, then come in and tell us that you told your boss to bite it and you get a free patriotic duty drink.

I am picking up my grandmother tomorrow and making sure she is getting to the polls. I am also picking up a few other friends while I am at it. If you do go for one of these hour and a half free drink voting lunches, you should call some friends and have them join you on this escapade. Hey, maybe you should pick your grandma up and take her to lunch.

Don't forget we will be running Election Day Specials all day and night. $2 Schlafly Hefeweizen and Coffee Stout drafts, Pale Ale and Pumpkin Ale in bottles. $3 Boz, Mayor, License Collectors and Senators. Free appetizers at 2,4,6 and 8pm. We will also have a record spin from 5pm on.

Power to the people, no delay.

Steven Fitzpatrick Smith


Blogger Andrew Ivers said...

Mind if I take you up on that free drink when I'm back in December? I'll have my absentee voting stub by then ...

PS: Do you know what the hard argument is against making Election Day a national holiday? I've been having this talk with a few people ... something should be done.

12:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vote for Libertarian Candidate Doug Stanhope in 08 and you'll get your wish for Election Day as a national holiday.


A vote for Stanhope could also bring more biz to Steve and his establishment with a lowered drinking age


Finally......Free Cherokee!


5:59 PM  

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