Monday, December 11, 2006

I love parades

And so do those pinkos over in China. This sounds like a really, really funny parade. The reds have begun parading hookers and their johns through the streets in Shenzhen in the tradition of public shamings, a practice that had dropped off since that red book craze a few years back. The only thing dumber the Chinese did before that craze was the great leap forward.

The interesting part of this article is not the parade, or the reaction to it, but is the fact that this conversation is happening inside China. That is very healthy. It is good to see China begin to have a discussion like this publicly and internally. Granted, I am far more concerned about China arming the state sponsor of international terror Sudan and making deals on their oil than I am having some local cops parade hookers and johns down the street. The parade is just strange. And a little funny. I guess shameful too. Cruel? Probably not, but definitely unusual. Never had a problem with the unusual when it is entertaining. And there is public discussion in China whether or not this is appropriate. I would rather see news like this parade than news like our most favored trading partner China is arming a state sponsor of international terror and internal genocide.

I wonder how much open discussion goes on in China about the Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution and Tiananmen Square. That would be really healthy. Maybe when discussions like that happen, they might be able to comprehend what is going on outside of China.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here Here, I applaud the courage of the Chinese people to so widely illustrate their discontent. In the civilized world it is up to due process to decide guilt or innocence. While the people paraded in public may not be the most upstanding citizens of the community it is wonderful to see the Chinese people recognize civil rights apply to all peoples regardless of suspicions by their actions and the motivations and ideologies of a few. One of the most difficult things about a free thinking society is that one must learn to tolerate bad with good in order for the preservation of the overall good. This is a complex and difficult concept to understand. By outward appearances the Chinese people already understand this more than is reported by their own country, or by the western press. Public outcry, such as what has happened here, is indicative of that fact. I hope the proponents of the closed system learn from this. If they strike back against the people may the people not stand for it.

9:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steve, I think you wrote that last comment yourself, disguising your language ever-so-slightly and pretending to be anonymous.

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