Sunday, December 31, 2006

will be posting again soon

You know the Xmas holiday can sort of throw a wrench into your life, business is bumping and I have been busy and am now illin'. So no posts up lately, and I will likely get back to it soon.

The holidays have been good. I hosted my family's Xmas Eve here at the Royale. Way fun. The first in my generation to host an family Xmas holiday. I got to beat my sis at somethin'. It was nice. First, cocktails downstairs then eats upstiairs. Grandma and the dogs too.

The season has been good. Great season. Great people. I am looking forward to a new year. The new year does look promising. As long as I can get some room to work. There is so much more out there if we are allowed to work.

I do have some good posts. This town is pretty deep. Far deeper than most give credit. But the ones who don't give credit, only know so much. It is also far more cooperative in many ways. Many ways we do not believe it is cooperative.

Yeah, and I didn't give a proper RIP to Gerry Ford. I was busy busy. I am actually a bigger fan of Nixon. Fascinating man.

Posts coming up on Luckett's, the Row, Fertile Ground, Seattle Contrast and more.


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