Sunday, January 21, 2007

Interesting Links

I like to throw out a few links that I find particularly interesting from time to time. Right now I am a regular viewer of Alive From Baghdad. I have been watching it on Itunes since the summer. It is an independent site that interviews everyday Iraqis. It is interesting. I am naturally suspicious of any media, but there is definitely something to take from these raw interviews regardless of skepticism. They are produced by Iraqis and are typically 3-9 minutes in length.

This is a particularly interesting posting. Interviewed are neighborhood men who are protecting their neighborhood. This is a very iffy thing. We have our own neighborhood watch group, but what happens when a neighborhood watch doesn't get along w/ the Police? I try to think of if this was happening in my neighborhood. It sort of does, but not to this extent. You can see friction, but this is extreme.

The other post just came out and it is pretty wild as well. This is an interview w/ an Iraqi Christian Priest. It is unreal. There are gunshots going off randomly outside the window during the interview. The priest is being incredibly frank and calm speaking of just how screwed up things have gotten. They call on sons of the Church to be present at the Church at all times. Surreal. I try to imagine if this were to happen here to that extent. I wish it were harder to imagine.

I also checked out Iranian Prez Ahmadinejad blog. That is a total joke. It reminds me of the freaky Chinese Communist style propaganda. Instead of the "Great Leader", and such bs, Iranians have gone to trying to placate with such compliments to Christmas, holy days and vilifying our President. Then reading the blog posts it becomes clear that not only are the posts farcical, the comments are censored and put in only the absurd fantasy reactions of "Americans".

There is no absolutely certain accountability in either one of these mediums. But straight interviews on the everyday scenes reveals something far more honestly intimate than a press release by a fanatical head of religious state.


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