Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easy, cherries, dogs and trash

So things are well. We have had an unexpectedly busy early spring. A third best week on record. Busy, but handling it well. I haven't been bloggging much, but that should change soon. I needed a bit of a break. I am nearing to be out of it soon.

I just jumped off the wagon recently. I had given up sugar for Lent. Actually, I have given it up since the New Year. It has been great. Now today, I had the sweet taste of sugar. Since midnight yesterday I had eaten nearly two boxes of girl scout cookies, several mini chocolate bars, three peanut butter cups, a half a marshmallow bunny, a piece of a chocolate chip pie and I am sure a few other sweets. Pure gluttony. I think I am going to have to jump back on the wagon soon. This is not healthy. I think I am going to resolve to only eat sweets if I am out with Grandma. So it can't be bad as long as I am with Grandma.

So I have been making an extra effort to take it easy lately. It has been hectic around the shop. And I have to take it easy or it gets to me. I typically don't yell at things when I drive. I just let it roll by. Even when there is an accident.

A few years back I was drivng the Eldog north on Kingshighway right around Holly Hills over by OLS. It was a warm sunny afternoon. I had the top down. I decided to take a left to cut over west toward Macklind. I was waiting for the oncoming cars to clear so I could cross the oncoming southbound lanes. I was eating bing cherries I had bought up at the farmer that used to sell produce at Hampton and Southwest. I was popping them into my mouth and spitting the seeds out on to the street. A little Johnny Cherry Seed rolling across the southside.

So I sat in the Cady with my blinker on waiting to take a left and spitting out cherry seeds. Then I hear screeching brakes. Whammo! My car is launched forward about six feet. Uh oh.

I get out. And behind me is a Saturn. A crunched up Saturn. I throw the Eldo into park and run up to the freshly crumpled car to check on the condition of any occupants. The airbag had gone off and there was a young woman, a sixteen year old girl, in the driver's seat. I was worried she was hurt. She wasn't. She was crying. And crying. Sobbing. She was breaking up, but she hadn't seen me until it was too late. She didn't see this 5000 lb white car right in front of her. She was able to stand, and while sobbing she didn't seem injured. Just crying. I got on my phone and called the police. I told her to get back in the car. Then I told her to get out for I was worried someone would smash into her. Then I told her to take it to the side of the street and I pulled up next to her. I then offered her some cherries. She was still sobbing too hard to understand. I wasn't worried at all. No need to freak.

Just a fender bender. No one hurt. She did enough freaking out on her own, and she made up plenty for my lack of freaking out. I ate the rest of the cherries myself and she sobbed as we waited for the police.

So I just remind myself to take it easy sometimes when I go too fast. Take it easy.

Like when I walk through the alleys. The dogs go wild when I walk through the alleys. I love it. Sometimes it seems they want to kill me. The bark, snarl and snap behind the chain link fences. I smile and squat down to look at them. They are so cute. Even when they look so upset. Sometimes the cool ones will even let you pet them. But other ones are just so full of energy they bark and snarl. They are still so cute.

However, sometimes it gets to me. Just today, I found myself getting irritated again. So silly. I was doing another security walk, a walk I do all too often around the streets of the shop. I saw some trash. A lid to a soda cup. I cussed when I saw it. I can't believe a little piece of trash made me so upset I cuss. How stupid. So no more cussing. So from now on when I see trash on my security walk I will laugh. Trash is so silly. It upsets people. How silly. It doesn't upset me anymore. But I still do need to pick it up for it does look like crap. Despite our war on littering, people are not going to stop being litterbugs.

I just need to take it easy, for it is easy.

*I got a good dual post coming up later this week on baseball. I love baseball*


Anonymous SS said...

The lack of sugar and the anger might go hand-in-hand. I googled "sugar anger" after reading your post, and the following was the first link:

Apparently your body goes sugar-deficient when you're angry. So laughter will also help you stay off the sugar. Go figure. Good luck!

10:58 AM  
Anonymous American Steel said...

How'd the white shark take the impact? Nary a dent I'll bet. Steel v. Plastic is never a fair fight..

4:41 PM  
Blogger Steven Fitzpatrick Smith said...

you can barely tell. A very subtle bend in the bumper. Detroit steel always wins. I still need to replace the bumper but almost no one can tell.

5:22 PM  
Blogger Michael M. said...

I have an off topic comment. You should not miss Gwen Ifill's op-ed contribution in The New York Times.

2:04 PM  

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